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Diploma in Esoteric History

This Diploma is by independent distance learning (home study).  No textbooks or course materials are supplied. The course will be completed by writing an extended essay based on your previous knowledge. The course is offered without tutor support.

The Diploma is suitable for people with relevant knowledge and experience seeking a qualification which can be gained through writing an extended essay showing historical knowledge of one or more esoteric or spiritual movements.  Possible examples of study themes may be (but are not limited to): Theosophy, Rosicrucianism, Freemasonry, Spiritualism, Spiritism (Kardecism), Kabbalah, Golden Dawn, Fourth Way, Hermeticism, Ritual Magic, Shamanism, Thelema, Wicca, Witchcraft, Druidism.

In a spirit of tolerance and freedom, we accept that there are many spiritual paths and that no one path is superior to all others, also that many esoteric paths include systems of self-development.

However studies of movements that involve "black magick", left-hand practices etc. will not be accepted for this programme due to their possibly highly controversial nature. It is assumed that the student is committed to a personal ethical code of doing no harm and obeying the laws of the land.  

An essay of at least 6,000 words will be required that includes most or all of the following points:

If your essay specialises in a particular esoteric, occult or New Age movement, your Diploma may be inscribed with your concentration of study, for example, Diploma in Esoteric History (Theosophical Studies).  If you wish to study another movement by writing another essay, you may re-enrol and gain a further Diploma in Esoteric History noting the name of your second specialist topic.

You can apply at any time. Some students will want to apply before commencing their work on the essay because having subscribed to the course will help to motivate them to complete it.  Others may wish to wait until they have done the essay and then apply, sending the essay at the same time by email.  Choose the method that works best for you, though enrolling for your course first will enable us to send you some helpful information that will increase your chances of passing the course. Most people will be able to complete an essay within a few weeks.  

Useful essay writing and study skills links can be found in our links page.

A printed diploma will be supplied to successful graduates of the course and will be sent by post. The price for UK students includes postage. Extra postage is charged for overseas destinations.  

The certificate will bear the main logo of Conscious Courses and also be inscribed with the details of UK College of Holistic Training, its registered learning provider number, accreditation details and the relevant website addresses.

If the graduate wishes to join a professional association, suitable associations in the UK and overseas can be recommended if applicable. 

All diplomas in the "Conscious Courses" range have the same basic tuition fee as follows:

UK & IRELAND STUDENTS - FULL FEE £ 63.00  (63 Pounds Sterling)
UK & IRELAND STUDENTS - CONCESSIONARY FEE (low incomes) - £ 37.00 (37 pounds sterling)

OVERSEAS STUDENTS - FULL FEE including AIR MAIL postage of diploma
GBP (Pounds Sterling) 68.00  (We regret we no longer have a concessionary fee for overseas students). Additional administrative charges may apply due to digital tax laws in certain countries - see our application page

For currency conversions please see

There will be no extra fee for assessment and issue of the certificate.

A brochure giving the details appearing here plus further advice and a list of some suggested (not compulsory) reading will be emailed to the applicant on receipt of payment.  (The brochure is not the purchased item: the purchased item is the educational service that we offer plus the physical diploma which will be sent by post on completion of the course).

To apply/pay for the course please go to our application page.


This page revised July 2017.