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We used to have an informal application process but because of changing Data Protection regulations we now have to ask you to complete an application form for consent purposes.

Please click here for the application form, complete it and email it to us at  If you are accepted we will send you a PayPal request for the fee, or (in the UK) you can pay by bank transfer.  

IRISH REPUBLIC:  You may send us a Post Office Money Order in POUNDS STERLING for the appropriate amount. The money order must be payable to "M.L. Berg". Please include a note with your name and address and the title of the course you are applying for. The POSTAL ADDRESS for mailing your draft must be as follows:

UK College of Holistic Training
Dept. CC,
27 Old Gloucester Street,
United Kingdom

- Please do NOT address your envelope to Conscious Courses.

Personal cheques (UK, Channel Islands, IOM only): We depend mainly on electronic payments so we only bank cheques every one or two weeks. Applications by cheque will therefore be delayed. We will only send an acknowledgement when the cheque has been cleared. Please send your cheque payable to "M.L.Berg" to the UK COLLEGE OF HOLISTIC TRAINING address above.  We may stop accepting cheques at any time due to possible closure of convenient bank branches, though at the moment there are no plans to do so.

Other non-UK countries:  NO bank drafts or cashier's cheques (checks) will be accepted from overseas. We cannot accept Moneygram, Western Union and similar services at all. Bank transfers from abroad will not be accepted for these low-cost courses due to the high cost of administration and our bank charges to receive them, and also due to security issues.

If you are outside the UK/EU, please send us your application form, and wait for our response.  If you cannot use PayPal we might not be able to accept your enrolment. Also, due to changing digital tax regulations in various countries, we might have to regard your purchase as completely non-digital which means posting you the course details, receiving your essay by mail and then shipping your certificate. An extra administrative charge may apply if we have to do this. However, making your purchase non-digital means that it will not attract local taxes. 

Our email address is .

This page last updated January 2018.